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Eyelash Grow Serum

Organic Natural Eyelash Growth Serum!
With Vitamin E!

ALL NATURAL, enhancing treatment to prevent early falling and thinning lashes. You will be amazed at the thickness and strength of your new eyelashes.
Works together with the growth cycle of your eyelashes, boosts the health and metabolism of the eyelash and follicle and in 4-8 weeks you will see amazing results.
Use it on your eyebrows too!

Amazing ingredients:
Organic Castor oil - Naturally moisturizes and strengthens your lashes to prevent them from breaking. It penetrates the eyelash follicles and supplies them with nutrients and oxygen, so that eyelash growth will be stimulated and activated.

Organic Emu oil - Full of nutrients that will boost the health and metabolism of the eyelash and follicle.

Organic Coconut oil - This oil gives you SOFT, HEALTHILY AND SHINY EYELASHES. It fights against problems such as dandruff or other fungal infections and helps your eyelashes grow faster.

Organic Vitamin E - Works as an ANTIOXIDANT which will strengthen your lashes and slow the eyelash follicles and hair aging.

Q. How do I use the Serum?

A. Use once or twice daily, preferably at night. Clean your skin thoroughly before application. Apply the serum to the skin right above your upper lash line (Preferably with eyes closed). Use a single brush stroke for each eye. Avoid rubbing your eyes until the serum has been absorbed.

Q. How long does it take to see the results?

A. Hair growth is a lengthy activity and the Serum works on new hairs. The old lashes are released slowly day by day so that we don’t lose all our lashes in one go. As old lashes are replaced by new ones, you will begin to see a change. You will notice a change in as little as 4 - 8 weeks but it can take a full 6 months to get the full effect. BE PATIENT AND YOU WILL ENJOY THE RESULTS!

Q. Is this safe for people that wear contact lenses?

A. There is certainly no problem using the serum with contact lenses. The use of the serum is external only therefore it should not come in contact with the inside of the eye. 

Q. Can this be used with eyelash extensions? 

A. Oils break down the bond of the eyelash extension with the natural eyelash, we don’t recommend using it with lash extensions. 

Q. Will the Eyelash Serum irritate my eyes?

When used correctly, you should experience no irritation. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Q. Can I apply serum before applying makeup? Is it too oily to use before makeup?

A. Our serum is based on high quality natural organic oils. We recommend allowing serum to absorb into the skin and the lashes before applying makeup. The serum is best applied at night before going to sleep.