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Anti-aging eye balm

We present you the best facial care you can give to your face!

This natural organic balm for eyes has precious oils that will improve elasticity , tone your skin, reduce swelling, lessen wrinkles and dark eye circles and boost collagen production.

Natural and 100% organic oils, without fillers or chemicals.

Increíble ingredients:
•Organic caffeine extract: Tightens skin and reduces swelling.
•Organic Vitamin E oil: Softens skin, reduces wrinkles and marks.
•Organic Almond oil: Reduces marks and dark eye circles, improves complexion and protects skin from radiation.
•Organic Pomegranate seed oil: Antioxidant, high in vitamin C, reduces marks and wrinkles.
•Organic Rosehip oil: High in vitamin A, promotes skin regeneration, improves elasticity and permeability.
•Organic Jojoba oil: Anti-inflammatory, repares and softens skin.
•Organic Geranium oil: Balances skin oil, promotes regeneration, relaxing-enhances mood.
•Organic Lavender oil: Anti-inflammatory, reduces marks, soothing, calming and relaxing.

Without fillers or chemicals, the best care you can give your skin.

Keep in a cool place.

Apply to the eye area morning and night.