Preparing for the appointment

Updated: Mar 14

Hello gorgeous! Are you ready to get your lashes looking glam? Or perhaps you still have some questions on how to prepare for a Lash appointment?

You are in the right place. In this tutorial I will

explain you how to prepare to maximize the time spent getting your lashes and he duration of your lashes after the appointment. But before getting into that, let’s make sure you are a good candidate for lash extensions.

• You do NOT have allergies/sensitivities to acrylates or cyanoacrylates adhesives. ➡️ If you are unsure about allergies your first consultation always includes a free patch test. It must be performed at least 72 hours prior the lash appointment so make sure to schedule accordingly. • You hacen received any lash service such as lash lift, tinting or lash removal 48 hours prior the appointment. • You are feeling overall healthy 💚

Now that we have covered the health part, let’s get down to lashing!

It is super simple to prepare for the lash appointment 🥳

1.- 4️⃣8️⃣🕚 hours before: Avoid applying any mascara, heavy creams, lotions or any oils to your face. (This will ensure your face will not have any residues or mascara hunk of oil that would prevent the extensions from adhering properly). 2.- Remove ALL make up , that includes: eye shadow, foundation, eyeliner, concealer, face powder, face/eye serum. Your face should be squeaky clean!

3.- Double cleanse your face, using soap and water (don’t use any oily make up remover! And thoroughly cleanse the eye area and eyelashes. Note: if you have extensions already, cleanse the eyes carefully and gently!

4.- Contacts? Please come contacts free to the appointment, wear your glasses instead👓


Make sure you follow all the suggested preparations, this will allow for the lashes to be applied faster and last longer (the more oily your skin is, the harder it will be for the glue to bond properly).

You will be surprised of how mascara stays on your lashes, even if you applied it a day before and you removed and cleanse your eyes, I can still find some mascara residues on lashes of my clients, incredibly sticky business! So avoid using it for a couple days before the appointment, and completely avoid using it while having lash extensions.

I want your lashes to last long ;)

Lashing can be a lengthy process, even artists with a year or more of experience can take up to 3 hours of lashing. Make sure you can lay down for a few hours (3 hours approximately depending on the service).

Bring some headphones, enjoy a podcasts or uninterrupted music .

Or even better, how about a lash nap?

All services includes a collagen rejuvenating under-eye-pad and collagen lip mask, Wooho! 💋 👄

I can't wait to see you!


Annie Dzhura.


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